Korizin-vee - Dr. Sid

INDICATIONS: Restore Vaginal Tone and Tightness and Revitalizes Vagina.

Rejuvenate vaginal muscles, tone and vigour in vagina.

Improves lubrication and reduces dryness

Removes vaginal harmful bacteria

Restores Post Delivery Vaginal Elasticity.

Natural vaginal tightening Gel is safe, effective and proven to tighten vagina while preventing infections, eliminating dryness, vaginal discharge, itching, and bad odour.

Usage of Korizen Gel: Wash with Luke warm water & take the Korizin gel in sufficient amount.

NOTE: It is a 100 % herbal product and there are no harsh chemicals.

100% Natural Ingredient's
100% Herbal Active's
7 Days Money Back


Korizin-Vee Vagina tightening cream formula contains a unique blend of 100% natural herbal extracts from pure and natural ingredients that help in moisturizing, tightening and revitalizing your vagina. It's a combination of valuable herbs in its precise proportion.

  • Tightens vaginal muscle
  • Keeps the vaginal area clean and hygienic
  • Nourishes and maintains skin's elasticity


  • Each gm contains:            1% w/v
  • Aloe barbadensis             1% w/v
  • Quercus Infectoria          1% w/v
  • Panax ginseng                   1% w/v
  • Phyllanthus emblica        1% w/v
  • Woodfordia floribunda  1% w/v
  • Saraca asoca                       1% w/v
  • Potassium aluminium Sulfate     1% w/v
  • Gel base                              1% w/v